Fraud Reporting

Community Health Alliance Uganda encourages whistle blowers to feel confident to make a disclosure of concerns about issues that fall under a specific area. A whistle blowing policy is available on our website to provide advice on reporting criminal acts such as fraud. We re-assure whistle blowers that they will be protected and treated with utmost confidentiality provided that reports are made in good faith. Controls are in place to ensure that whistle blowers are protected and their identity will remain anonymous if they chose so.
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CHAU’s Audience segmentation

CHAU largely focuses on the following priority target population: children 0 to 14 years; young people in and out of school aged 15 to 25; girls, boys, women and men of reproductive age; key populations as defined by Uganda’s policies and development guidelines; and, vulnerable young people.

CHAU programs are designed to respond to SRHR and HIV needs of all all Ugandans including the above target populations.

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Key Correspondents

keycorrespondentsKey Correspondents is a network of citizen journalists around the world writing on HIV, health and human rights. We help get the voices of those most affected into global debates.

Our correspondents report to influence HIV and broader health policy, programming and financing. They come from diverse backgrounds including representatives from marginalised groups most at risk of HIV and people living with HIV, and report the stories that matter to them… Read More

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