CHAU Sub grantees


CHAU provide sub-grants, technical support and capacity building to NGO and CBO partners in country. Through sub grant processes, CHAU is able to further reach minority populations with quality health services and at the same time build the capacity of sub grantees.

CHAU’s sub-grant agreement focuses on, clearly set out the scope of work, financial commitments, reporting requirements and regulations of the award, CHAU’s role will include:

  1. Capacity development of partners – includes institutional/organisational development as well as programmatic capacity development.
  2. On-ward granting and administration of the grant.
  3. Technical oversight for quality assurance
  4. Advocacy to support overall programme implementation.
  5. Providing regular supportive supervision to CBOs at the district level.
  6. Reporting of results, both programmatic and financial.
  7. Ensuring accountability and risk management measures are followed.

Currently CHAU is sub granting to over 60 CSOs and CBOs to ensure reach of vulnerable populations with quality health services.