Dr. Christine Nabiryo

Dr. Christine NabiryoDr. Christine Nabiryo is a public health and HIV/AIDS specialist with over 20yrs of experience.

She has experience in designing, implementing managing public health and HIV/AIDS policy, strategies and programs with extensive experience at the community, district, and regional national and international level.

Dr. Christine Nabiryo has also contributed to publications in important journals and has made presentation in important conferences in the region and beyond. Dr Nabiryo has also conducted consultancies for Millennium Villages Project in East and Southern Africa, White Ribbon Alliance, MCH baseline assessment with AMREF, Senior HIV/AIDS Consultant for Most At Risk Populations with UNFPA, Documentation of Mildmay Uganda as best practice with WHO to mention a few.

Dr. Christine Nabiryo has MBC B, DPH and MMed PH. But has also attended several courses to include Gender Mainstreaming with DANIDA, HIV/AIDS Fellowship with Institute of Public Health Makerere University, Principles in STD Research with University of Washington, Health Economics and Financing with World Bank and Leadership and Management with University of Washington.