Job Kiija

Job_KiijaJob Kiija is the Research, Policy and Advocacy Specialist at Community Health Alliance Uganda. He has over ten years experience in Civil Society and development work. He espouses a wealth of knowledge in civil society state relations and has variously worked with development actors of different shades, including, central and local government, Parliament, Donors, Media as well as the Private Sector.

He has led numerous research processes, in the civil society sector, mainly in the areas of governance; Democracy, Human Rights, Transparency and Accountability, political and social accountability; and Conflict Transformation. He has coordinated several social and political accountability initiatives, such as the National Citizens Manifesto process, and been at the heart of coordination of several civil society campaigns on political and social accountability.

He has played a critical role in shaping the youth movement in Uganda, being a pioneer member of the Ugandan Youth Advisors to Washington Program, and served on the Youth Analysis Board, the Sports Eye Foundation Board, the Political Competition and Consensus Building Program advisory board- under USAID, the National Civil Society Conflict Transformation and Democratization Committee under UJCC and Office of the Prime Minister, the National Political dialogue process under the Inter religious Council of Uganda and Elders’ Forum, the Promote Awareness and Understanding of Human Rights Project, under JLOS, the National Technical working group on the NGO Act and Regulations, among others. He also has wide experience in policy formulation, legislative drafting and influencing and as well as strategic and public interest litigation.