Policy & Advocacy


Through this strategic intervention, CHAU seeks to make a contribution to national policy formulation by putting forward alternative/ pro people policy propositions, as well as supporting the implementation of government policies. CHAU does this through forming partnerships and coalitions with other like minded actors, equipping communities and their organizations with policy analysis and advocacy tools, as well as providing financial support to selected organizations to pursue specific policy interventions and with a view of increasing access to quality and equitable services to all.

Previously, with funding from DFID under the End Maternal Mortality in Uganda (EMMU), CHAU supported the strengthening of the institutional and advocacy capacity of 16 CSOs in 14 districts and four CSO networks at national level. The focus under this support strand, was on institutional capacity (in governance, financial management and accountability, leadership, internal communication), so as to mould strong organizations that could manage a coherent CSO policy influencing agenda. This has largely been done through provision of small grants to implement innovative Maternal, and Neonatal Child Health (MNCH) advocacy initiatives in their respective districts.

Currently, CHAU is implementing several projects, together with over fifty (50) NGOs and Community based organizations on efforts to build demand for quality and equitable health and HIV/AIDS services.

At community level, CHAU is supporting organizations to build demand for quality health care through community dialogues; health budget analysis, developing community score cards, generating evidence dossiers, monitoring relationships between service providers and communities and running accountability campaigns.