Capacity Building

The main aim of CHAU’s Capacity Building Capacity building is twofold; a) to enhance its own capacity and capacity of staff to effectively implement its mandate; b) to develop the organizational and programmatic capacity of its implementing partners (IPs) deliver quality services in accordance to their respective mandates.

To strengthen its own organizational capacity, CHAU has made a strategic decision to invest in routine review and development of its own systems. It is also investing in continuous professional development and internal learning of own staff to ensure it delivers on its obligations and mandate.

CHAU utilizes a partner led capacity building where implementing partners engage in capacity self-assessments, develop capacity development plans, implement and document and share experiences capacity building lessons. IPS are encouraged to engage in in-house capacity building using their own available technical resource persons. Partners are specifically supported to grow skills and practices only in areas where no or limited resident expertize exist within the organization. Technical support is provided through trainings on new knowledge areas, and on job support for practical skills and practices that are tailored to the needs of individual organizations. The main thematic areas around which capacity is built include; Governance & strategic management, Human resource management; Finance & risk management, programme management, results management, documentation & learning.