Economic Empowerment

Economic strengthening of HIV affected families improves access to services which facilitates uptake of HIV testing, enrolment and retention into care.

CHAU has made a number of interventions that aim at socially and economically empowering families to support their HIV mothers and children in uptake of and retention in EmTCT and paediatric HIV care. This has been through the formation of Village Saving & Loans schemes (VSLAs). VSLA is a membership association owned and managed by members united to meet the needs of children living with HIV under their care. Members meet regularly – weekly or monthly- identify children that need follow-up and assign members to follow-up.

Members save and borrow to; pay transport to HF when children are sick or for drug refills, pay School fees and other school requirements, buy food, some members had started IGAs – sell of produce, piggery, second hand clothes, retail shops.