Current Projects - HARM REDUCTION

The Project goal is to Increase access to essential HIV and harm reduction services for people who inject drugs in Uganda. The project objectives are;

  1. Creating an enabling environment to conduct harm reduction activities in Uganda
  2. Strengthening of community systems for a sustained HIV response among people who inject drugs in Uganda
  3. Generating and utilizing strategic information on drug use related interventions in Uganda

The Target audiences are;

PWIUDs in Central, eastern and northern region (Kampala, Mbale and Gulu),Western region (Mbarara)

The model interventions are; removing legal barriers to access, Community Systems Strengthening, HSS-Health Information Systems and M&E. The Service Package for the PWIUD is;

  1. HCT
  2. Hep C testing and treatment
  3. Needles and syringes exchange
  4. Opiate replacement therapy
  5. ART enrolment
  6. TB screening and treatment
  7. Condom distribution