Policy & Advocacy

Through this strategic intervention, CHAU seeks to make a contribution to national policy formulation by putting forward alternative/ pro people policy propositions, as well as supporting the implementation of government policies. CHAU does this through forming partnerships and coalitions with other like-minded actors, equipping communities and their organizations with policy analysis and advocacy tools, as well as providing financial support to selected organizations to pursue specific policy interventions and with a view of increasing access to quality and equitable services to all.

CHAU has worked to build the capacity of civil society through the establishment of national partnership platforms that are used as structures for building coalition for policy and practice changes at national level to build demand for quality and equitable health and HIV/AIDS services.

CHAU has engaged parliamentarians and other government leaders in Uganda to strengthen their capacity to advocate for increased funding and implementation commitment to sexual reproductive health, family planning HIV/AIDS financing, maternal new born and child health programs in the country. CHAU nurtures and facilitates high-level policy dialogues to inform decision makers on key health policy issues, empowering them to champion the cause operationalizing health policies. As a result, they have been able to influence other leaders and make the case for increased budgetary resources to meet national and regional commitments to existing progressive health policies on SRHR, HIV/AIDS and MNCAH related services that meet the needs of the communities.

At community level, CHAU is supporting organizations to build demand for quality health care through community dialogues; health budget analysis, developing community score cards, generating evidence dossiers, monitoring relationships between service providers and communities and running accountability campaigns.